Experience the power of one intuitive software package for advanced image analysis, mapping, geospatial production/photogrammetry, data sharing, and 3-D visualization.

BAE Systems GXP® is excited to unveil SOCET GXP® v3.0. It represents the achievement of a vision to bring together a wealth of geospatial software tools in a single product. SOCET GXP automates workflows, eliminates the dependence on multiple tools, and satisfies long-term operating and maintenance requirements.

The SOCET GXP v3.0 release combines the disciplines of image analysis (IA) and geospatial analysis (GA) in one application — we call this eXtreme Analysis™ or XA™. The eXtreme Analysis capabilities in SOCET GXP allow software users, from novice to expert, to experience the power of real-time image analysis, automated geospatial production, mapping, 3-D visualization, and data sharing in one product. In addition, SOCET SET®‘s photogrammetric strength is being integrated into SOCET GXP, which gives users increased flexibility, accuracy and efficiency. Automated tools for triangulation, terrain model generation, and orthorectification are included, along with a brand new GUI, based on the Microsoft® Office Fluent™ user interface. The new user interface is designed to simplify workflows. In fact, you can initiate most operations with just a few mouse-clicks.