GXP InForm
Field force automation and reporting through a customizable cloud-based platform

Optimize operational field reporting with customized smart forms!

GXP InForm, a web-plus-mobile module augmenting GXP Xplorer®, is a field force automation and reporting tool that extends GXP Xplorer’s reach outside of your Enterprise. Utilizing a clean and simple mobile interface, GXP InForm helps to better connect central operations and field operators with actionable imagery, locations-based reporting and cloud-based collaboration. Operators rapidly complete forms from the field, then sync content and awareness back to headquarters.

Share. Capture. Synchronize. Manage.

Key features include:

  • Customizable field collection templates, incorporating photos, audio, and video
  • Aggregation with all other data types discovered through GXP Xplorer, delivering a holistic view of the situation
  • Disconnected operations to ensure content collected offline syncs when the user is back online
  • Assignment and management of tasking from the web
  • GXP WebView custom Offline Maps accessible from anywhere

With GXP InForm, users can easily customize forms, maps and workflows, so field applications can be quickly configured and instantly deployed to support any operation, in any location. GXP InForm's mobile features, including basemaps and forms, support disconnected operations so personnel can get the job done in the most remote locations and demanding conditions, even without a network connection. When a network connection is available, GXP InForm enhances situational awareness for all stakeholders with the bi-directional flow of information between headquarters and on-site personnel.

GXP Xplorer Download

The GXP Xplorer Platform download includes the latest v2.3.5 release of GXP Xplorer, GXP WebView, and GXP InMotion Video Server.

Each application is individually licensed and configured during installation.

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