GXP Xplorer® Mobile

Remote data access in the palm of your hand — anytime, anywhere. Connect to all of the data in your geospatial-intelligence enterprise on the go.

Access multiple geospatial data stores — maps, satellite images, airborne tactical images, charts, videos, audio, handheld photos, vectors, terrain, features of interest, PowerPoint® presentations, and text documents.

GXP Xplorer® Mobile connects to any GXP Xplorer Enterprise Server for downloads and uploads to your Android® cell phone or tablet (iOS support is no longer available). Search multiple GXP Xplorer Enterprise Server catalogs, image libraries, or Web news feeds simultaneously.

Stay connected to your enterprise
GXP Xplorer Mobile puts the power of GEOINT in your hands. Access your GXP Xplorer Enterprise Server from the mobile app to:

  • Capture and share geotagged photos and other files created in the field
  • Perform map-based and free-text searches
  • View footprints, thumbnails, overviews, and metadata
  • Chip images and download chips to the mobile device
  • Manage data on the mobile device

Search and discovery
Take advantage of the GXP Xplorer federated search-from-anywhere capability:

  • Select multiple GXP Xplorer or other federated catalogs on a network
  • Perform basic search functions using the map or keywords to find data
  • Click individual results to select an image of interest
  • Use the low-resolution overview to chip a section for quick download

With GXP Xplorer Mobile, it’s easy to find and view data from multiple sources for real-time collaboration with your enterprise and mission partners.

Capture and share
To upload or share information from the field, snap a photo with the handheld device’s built-in camera. GXP Xplorer Mobile adds geotags from the device GPS and uploads the photo to the GXP Xplorer Enterprise Server. This function can be used to upload all data types — geotagged photos, videos, audio, and files. Once uploaded, other users from any GXP Xplorer client: Web, Desktop, or Mobile, can discover your field data instantly.

GXP Xplorer Platform Download

The GXP Xplorer Platform download includes the latest v2.4 release of GXP Xplorer, GXP WebView, and GXP InMotion Video Server.

Each application is individually licensed and configured during installation.

Customers with an active MyGXP Customer Portal account and current Upgrade Entitlement can log in to download or request a media shipment: