Real-time ground-based target tracking through Full Motion Video (FMV).

Ground-based FMV remains a core component of effective intelligence-based activity monitoring and threat detection. Whether tasked with securing miles of national border, or monitoring the perimeter of a large industrial facility, human operators alone cannot manually examine live camera feeds and monitor all areas all the time.

Similar to our Scout technology, and ruggedized for harsh environments, Scorpion automates the tracking of key targets while integrated into mobile or fixed ground-based sensor systems. Enabled by TASS, Scorpion offers object recognition capabilities while ensuring real-time dissemination of scene activity to all mission control centers.

Designed with a flexible software architecture supporting industry and government standards, Scorpion is ready for rapid “plug-and-play” integration into both mobile or fixed ground-based systems, such as Integrated Fixed Towers (IFT) and Remote Video Surveillance Systems (RVSS).

Enabled by Scout and Scorpion technologies, sensor operators can monitor multiple regions and targets of interest across multiple sensor feeds, allowing them to more effectively identify critical targets, activities, and emerging threats.

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