Real-time airborne target tracking through Full Motion Video (FMV).

Activity monitoring and threat detection through airborne FMV has become a critical asset in support of intelligence-based activities such as border security, counter-terrorism, counter-narcotics, and the protection of high-value infrastructure. However, as events of interest are detected on the ground below, continuous manual camera control is often required to keep the target in the field of view. This manually intensive process limits the ability of a system operator to coordinate activities with appropriate field personnel.

Scout is a compact hardware solution featuring TASS that enables the systematic tracking of moving targets from an airborne vessel. Integrated into your airborne platform’s system architecture, Scout automates the pan, tilt, and zoom of the FMV sensor to maintain the field of view on a target, even as the sensor-to-target geometries change with platform motion. This automation ensures accurate tracking while reducing the number of required onboard sensor operators.

Through real-time metadata representation of individuals and vehicles moving through geo-coordinates, Scout enables rapid transmission of scene activity to ground-based operators from airborne platforms typically lacking the necessary bandwidth for this activity.

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