SOCET GXP® v4.3 Licensing

With SOCET GXP®, you can purchase only the functionality you need, and add more as requirements evolve (see bundle descriptions below). Contact a GXP sales representative or worldwide distributor in your area today, or complete an online pricing request, for current pricing and to learn how SOCET GXP can benefit your organization or command.

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SOCET GXP GeoElement™ License Tier

Replaces SOCET GXP v2.3.1 IA Bundle

SOCET GXP GeoElement includes access to the Visual Coverage Tool (VCT), image comparison tools (swiper, porthole, multi-color, transparency, animation), glove align and registration capabilities, and video play and capture.

GeoElement is the entry point for photogrammetry add-on modules such as Automatic Terrain Generation (ATG), Multi-Sensor Triangulation, SOCET for ArcGIS®, etc.

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SOCET GXP GeoAnalysis™ License Tier

Replaces SOCET GXP v2.3.1 IA Advanced Bundle

Includes SOCET GXP GeoElement Bundle plus advanced viewing capabilities that include ortho on-thefly, 3D Multiport, image screener, and video analysis; automatic texture patching of image pixels to replace a shaded texture on a 3D view; expanded imagery analysis for Multi-Spectral and Hyper-Spectral (MSI/HSI) processing including supervised and unsupervised classification, spectral libraries, anomaly detection, scatter plot and custom band math; advanced product generation including map finishing.

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SOCET GXP eXtreme Analysis™ License Tier

Includes GeoAnalysis Bundle plus advanced exploitation and product generation. Also includes advanced photogrammetric functions including Multi-Sensor Triangulation, Ortho-Mosaic Manager, and Automatic Terrain Generation with the hands-off processing of AutoSOCET or advanced operations with each component; Automatic Feature Collection, Spatially Enabled Exploitation and SOCET for ArcGIS providing advanced feature collection integrated with Esri ArcGIS.

SOCET GXP ProBundle™ License Tier

Includes SOCET GXP eXtreme Analysis Bundle, 3D feature collection, and ClearFlite.

3D feature collection provides the ability to model simple to complex urban structures, ingest, export, and update COLLADA and OpenFlight models and automatically apply imagery textures (patches) to the structures allowing 3D visualization in the SOCET GXP 3D Multiport.

The following SOCET GXP modules can be added-on to the GeoElement and GeoAnalysis license tiers.

  • Automatic Terrain Generation (ATG)
    ATG generates high-quality digital terrain and surface models automatically from multiple stereo images using area-based and feature-based matching. Includes Automatic Terrain Extraction (ATE) and Next-Generation Automatic Terrain Extraction (NGATE) functionality.

  • AutoSOCET
    Automated triangulation, terrain, ortho, and orthomosaic processing for NTM and commercial satellite imagery.

  • Common Geopositioning Services (CGS)
    Interface to GOTS CGS engine.

  • SOCET GXP Developer’s Kit (DevKit)
    The SOCET GXP DevKit provides access to the Application Program Interface (API) for SOCET GXP functionality to develop customized programs.

  • Interactive Terrain Edit
    ITE tools and algorithms to build or edit existing digital terrain and surface models in GRID format. Tools allow Point-by-point, geomorphic editing line, and area editing.

  • Map2PDF
    The TerraGo Map2PDF for SOCET GXP solution allows anyone with access to Adobe Reader to view, mark up, or configure geographic attributes contained in the image or map from a desktop computer.

  • Mosaic Manager
    Unlimited input images for the creation of individual orthos, true orthos, pan-sharpened orthos, orthomosaics, and orthomosaic sheets. Image balancing, automatic seamline generation and editing ensure uniform orthomosaic products as output. Allows seam line editing for orthos using Ortho On-the-Fly.

  • Multi-sensor Triangulation
    Automated triangulation including setup and management of image blocks, QA and analysis, graphical displays, Automatic Point Measurement (APM), Interactive Point Measurement (IPM), and fully weighted multi-sensor bundle adjustment. Control images are an optional input.

  • Spatially Enabled Exploitation (SEE)
    Allows users to create and edit features by directly connecting to an ESRI® geodatabase through the SOCET GXP Multiport via the ArcEngine® or using an application interface with ArcMap®.

  • Stereo
    Display overlapping images in 3-D using appropriate stereo equipment (video card, glasses, etc.). Uses include: CE and LE from a SOCET SET Digital Point Positioning Data Base (DPPDB) format production module [which uses MIL-PRF-89034, March 1999 format specifications], 3-D feature extraction, interactive terrain edit, and interactive point measurement in triangulation.

  • Visual Coverage Tool (VCT)
    Standalone application used to input data and manage the location of that data. Each data file can be displayed graphically on a map giving the user immediate feedback on the location and metadata of the file. The footprints can be displayed superimposed over CIB®, CADRG, VPF or World Maps.