Image courtesy of Ordnance Survey.

BAE Systems GXP is pleased to announce the release of SOCET SET® v5.4, which includes the much anticipated Next-Generation Automatic Terrain Extraction (NGATE) module.

NGATE provides users with the ability to create surface and terrain models from stereo imagery at a level of accuracy not previously available from a fully automatic algorithm without assistance from manual editing. NGATE is licensed as an add-on to SOCET SET’s Automatic Terrain Extraction (ATE) module. By allowing terrain to be generated down to the pixel level of the input imagery, NGATE provides detail that would otherwise be left out of a surface or terrain model derived from stereo imagery. The benefits to you are a more accurate product with less manual editing. BAE Systems has used NGATE for almost a year now, including very early versions, in our service work for the U.S. government, and project managers report that the time spent on manual editing has been reduced by more than 30%.

SOCET SET v5.4 includes additional enhancements for handling georeferenced imagery and products derived from imagery. Sensor models imported and optionally triangulated within SOCET SET can be easily exported to Rational Polynomial Coefficient (RPC) georeferenced images in NITF format as a product that can be used with other image applications. The Universal Triangulation (UTri) within SOCET SET’s Multi-sensor Triangulation (MST) application can now support the adjustment of thousands of images. Furthermore, MST can now accommodate triangulation of Leica ADS40 imagery (Level 1 data). We continue to provide enhancements to legacy SOCET SET features such as data import, extraction, and product generation, based on your suggestions. These are listed in the SOCET SET v5.4 release enhancements.