SOCET SET® v5.4.1

Highly accurate photogrammetry and mapping software for triangulation, terrain extraction, orthophotoproduction, and 3-D-database generation for urban modeling.

SOCET SET® v5.4.1 includes a wealth of productivity enhancements for creating and editing high-resolution terrain and surface models,including improvements to the Next-Generation Automatic Terrain Extraction (NGATE), which was introduced in v5.4.0.

The NGATE module, which produces near LIDAR quality terrain models from optical imagery, has been shown to reduce editing time by more than 30%. Numerous new tools for the Interactive Terrain Editor (ITE) module increase productivity for creating bare earth terrain models from NGATE and LIDAR data. In addition, enhancements to SOCET SET’s Feature Extraction (FE) and SOCET for ArcGIS® (SFA) modules have been implemented based on customer requests. For example, automatic height attribution includes an option to measure a point to set height attributes when terrain data is not available. Moreover, SOCET SET’s unrivaled provision of advanced sensor models continues with new models for the NextView satellites, WorldView‑1 and GeoEye™‑1, as well as ALOS, EROS B, and FORMOSAT-2.

Further productivity improvements have been made throughout the SOCET SET workflow. All of these new capabilities reduce labor hours through optimized, end-to-end workflows, resulting in significant cost savings throughout the mapping process.