Webinar: Generating Multi-Source Movement Intelligence (MOVINT) with GXP Solutions

Generating Multi-Source Movement Intelligence (MOVINT) with GXP Solutions
Date: Wednesday 3 May 2017, 1:00pm – 2:00pm EST

As Movement Intelligence (MOVINT)* continues to provide an increasingly critical role in effective geospatial exploitation and analysis, GXP® is excited to announce our latest product showcase webinar demonstration. Through an engaging forensic investigation involving unidentified gun shots fired at a departing aircraft, participants will discover the value of Movement Intelligence (MOVINT) while gaining further insight into the following:

  • Best practices in the application of MOVINT and how it’s utilized to answer intelligence questions
  • How new MOVINT tracking analytics and exploitation capabilities within SOCET GXP, GXP Xplorer, and GXP InMotion can expedite and enhance analyst workflows
  • The analysis and correlation of MOVINT from various sources including Full Motion Video (FMV), Wide Area Motion Imagery (WAMI), and Ground Motion Target Indicators (GMTI)

*Movement Intelligence (MOVINT), which is delivered via multi-source video and analytic ISR solutions, enables automated detection and tracking of the movement of key targets and activities (vehicles and people).

The demonstration will conclude with a live Q&A – we look forward to seeing you on May 3rd!

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