On-Demand Webinars from GXP®!

Geospatial Data Discovery in Deployed Operations​​​​

Through a hurricane relief mission in San Juan, Puerto Rico, this engaging webinar demonstrates how data can be rapidly discovered and deployed in a remote environment through GXP Xplorer® Disconnected. Designed for small, disconnected work groups requiring geospatial data for a specific Area of Interest, GXP Xplorer Disconnected enables remote analysts to:

  • Synchronize geospatial data from an enterprise GXP Xplorer Platform application to deployable devices
  • Discover data files in native applications while disconnected from networks
  • Share data catalogs amongst small, remote workgroups
  • Deploy with and disseminate pre-generated derived intelligence products
  • Push products back to the GXP Xplorer Platform enterprise server once reconnected to networks

On-Demand Webinars from GXP®!

Available at your convenience, this informative new series of GXP on-demand webinars demonstrates the latest capabilities and best practices in geospatial analysis for image, video and all-source analysts.

If you have any questions after viewing the demonstration, or would like to request additional information, please contact us using the information below.