GXP Webinars

SOCET GXP SAR Exploitation Tools

SOCET GXP v4.3 is now available with a new Coherent Change Detection (CCD) tool using complex Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data. Please join us for an interactive demonstration of this new capability including the following workflows:
  • Development of multicolor images to highlight changes from detected TerraSAR-X imagery of Nogales, Mexico
  • Creation of a sub-aperture stack image over the Strait of Gibraltar using Radarsat-2 imagery in SICD NITF format to show movers and hidden features on a dynamic image
  • Demonstration of how a SAR stereo pair is used to create high resolution terrain for a 3D model of an active volcano (Mount Merapi in Indonesia)
Please have a pair of anaglyph glasses (red/blue) handy to view the SAR stereo pair of Mount Merapi! The demonstration will conclude with a live Q&A.