Enterprise-level solutions for tracking and interpretation of Wide Area Motion Imagery (WAMI) and Full Motion Video (FMV).

Enabling interpretation of critical movement and activity data from both FMV and WAMI, Tracking Analytics Software Suite (TASS) provides real-time detection and tracking of both vehicles and people across an entire field-of-view. From simple maneuvers, such as turns and acceleration, to object recognition, time-stamping, and geo-referencing, TASS delivers unmatched intelligence and insight into targeted activities.

Image and video analysts can process more sensor data in less time, maintaining full-scene awareness of high-priority events and target activities through challenging lighting conditions, dense traffic regions, and varying visual dynamics.

TASS improves the efficiency and effectiveness of ground station operators by tracking multiple high-value targets or monitoring multiple regions of interest simultaneously. The simultaneous tracking and indexing of all movers in the scene (up to several thousand targets) enables analysts and cloud-based analytics to rapidly discover key patterns, anomalies, and emerging threats.

MOVINT Solutions