GXP InMotion Desktop v4.5

A sleek, streamlined video analysis suite with a powerful set of tools designed for every workflow

The GXP InMotion™ Desktop motion-imagery analysis application combines a sleek, streamlined user experience with a powerful set of tools designed for every level of the video analyst’s needs.

Specifically designed to support real-time missions that demand a focused, robust environment (e.g., mission oversight, confirmation of illicit activities, monitoring of ports and borders, surveillance), and delivers the extensive exploitation capabilities required for forensic analysis. A powerful, built-in sensor model establishes accurate geopositioning for real-time situational awareness, historical data analysis, and intelligence reporting.

The intuitive user interface includes a video viewing area with standard video playback controls. Analysts can view live video feeds, file-based video, video from motion capture cards and motion imagery stills, as well as record video for further analysis or playback. Advanced controls allow for slow-motion or frame-by-frame metadata search and review. The metadata window displays details such as location, speed, and direction. The video playlist creates a queue of multiple files for convenient access, and bookmarks offer a quick jump back to the most recently used data.

A map viewing area provides geographical context and connects to the included Visual Coverage Tool (VCT) to catalog and display local data holdings. Analysts can zoom in to a specific area for a closer view, review the sensor tracks recorded for a specific mission, overlay the current video footprint and sensor location while the video is playing, and view event log entries plotted on the map.

Video analysis and exploitation

Execute real-time missions and perform forensic analysis to the highest degree of accuracy.

Track activities

  • Select and track objects to assess progress or detect change over a period of time. Determine coordinates and establish speed and heading in real time with embedded video metadata.
  • Rotate video to match the identical view point of the aircraft capturing the video. Mark an event or points of interest directly on the video. Overlay video metadata and sensor telemetry directly onto the map and view events from the Mission Event Log in geographical context to achieve greater situational awareness.

Enhance and annotate

  • Apply image enhancements on-the-fly for brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, sharpness, smoothing, and edge detection.
  • Create annotations directly on the video for export into multiple formats including feature database (FDB) from GXP®, KML, and shapefile.

Product creation

Create and disseminate customized, georeferenced products with GXP InMotion Desktop application’s full range of video editing and product creation tools.

Edit video

  • Use the built-in video editor to intuitively join or trim clips, cut segments, and fine-tune video footage for final output.
  • Insert images into the video timeline as transitions, title slides, or still frames that display for a user-determined duration.
  • Remove unwanted details from the video metadata with redaction tools.
  • Export to standard video formats.

Create customized products

  • Quickly create a polished video product with a template from the template gallery, or create a custom template with SOCET GXP® software.
  • Superimpose video metadata on the final product (e.g., AV heading and position, sensor type, bearing, elevation, date/time, and more) with the heads-up display (HUD).


  • Produce a wide range of products from simple screen captures to georectified NITFs, to rich video products that combine still images with multiple video clips.
  • Output Event Log entries for further analysis and forensic evaluation.
  • Export to SOCET GXP software and create extended products including full-frame NITFs, mosaics, and video/sensor frame features.