The GXP Xplorer® Platform

Enabling an unrivaled capacity for discovery, visualization, and exploitation of mission-critical geospatial and temporal data

Providing the foundation for development of the most advanced geospatial intelligence, the GXP Xplorer® Platform offers developers and system integrators a scalable platform supporting advanced exploitation and configurable solutions at the enterprise level.

BAE Systems GXP® has adopted the platform strategy in order to provide a flexible structure for the creation of solutions that meet organizations’ unique workflows and requirements.

Comprised of a core suite of products with a geospatial foundation, the GXP Xplorer Platform represents the culmination of several decades of intellectual property and application development with an emphasis on accuracy, quality, and ease of use.

The GXP Xplorer Platform powers the following five server-based software solutions:

GXP Xplorer®
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GXP WebView®
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GXP InMotion™
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GXP Fusion®
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GXP OpsView®
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GXP Xplorer Platform Download

The GXP Xplorer Platform download includes the latest v2.5 release of GXP Xplorer, GXP WebView, and GXP InMotion Video Server.

Each application is individually licensed and configured during installation.

Customers with an active MyGXP Customer Portal account and current Upgrade Entitlement can log in to download or request a media shipment: