Desktop Product Modules

Automatic Terrain Extraction (ATE)

Automatic Terrain Extraction (ATE) generates digital terrain models from stereo images. Includes GRID or TIN, seed DTM integration, bare-earth technology for removal of trees and buildings, and batch capability.
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Automatic Terrain Generation (ATG)

The Automatic Terrain Generation (ATG) module in SOCET GXP® provides fully automated capabilities to extract elevation data from stereo imagery.
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AutoSOCET offers photogrammetric functionality with minimal interaction. SOCET GXP and AutoSOCET provide functionality for triangulating images and generating orthomosaics and digital terrain elevation data (DTED) from overlapping images.
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ClearFlite is an airfield obstruction software tool that allows operators to easily identify and collect vertical obstructions in and around airfields using stereo imagery. The output can be directly used by a GIS application.
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DevKit (SOCET GXP Developer’s Kit)

The SOCET GXP DevKit provides access to the Application Program Interface (API) for SOCET GXP functionality to develop customized programs.
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Interactive Terrain Editor (ITE)

The Interactive Terrain Editor (ITE) is used to review and edit digital terrain and surface models. In GRID format, operators can access an unsurpassed set of tools and graphical displays to visualize, build, and correct elevation models, and interact with the selected algorithm.
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Map2PDF is a third-party application that allows for quick export of panel or product to a GeoPDF® file.
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Mosaic Manager

The Mosaic Manager provides increased performance for creating large area coverage orthomosaics, orthomosaic sheets or tiles, or individual orthophotos using input georeferenced imagery and terrain data.
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Multi-sensor Triangulation

Triangulation involves a complex process of orienting and registering images to other images or to the ground to improve the rigorous sensor model.
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Next-Generation Automatic Terrain Extraction (NGATE)

NGATE, an image processing innovation developed by BAE Systems, uses a hybrid matching process to create precise elevation data for 3‑D terrain and surface models.
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SOCET for ArcGIS® (SFA) combines the stereo photogrammetric capabilities of BAE Systems’ SOCET SET® software with the cartographic and feature-editing tools of the Esri® ArcGIS® application.
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Spatially Enabled Exploitation (SEE)

SOCET GXP (v2.3+), offers direct connectivity to the Esri geodatabase via the ArcGIS engine and allows sophisticated attribution of intelligence data.
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Display overlapping images in 3-D using appropriate stereo equipment (video card, glasses, etc.). Display stereo pair in split screen.
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Visual Coverage Tool (VCT)

The Visual Coverage Tool (VCT) is a geospatial data discovery, viewing, and management tool that shows footprints of all online and offline maps and images available on a network.
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