Training courses: GXP Xplorer®

All scheduled training courses held in our regional training centers are free for current GXP® customers and prospective* customers.

Classroom seating is limited, so please register in advance to secure your space. We regret that we are unable to accept walk‑in registrations.

*Subject to approval by GXP management.

GXP Xplorer Platform Web User [2 days]

Who should attend?

New users of GXP Xplorer®.


The two-day GXP Xplorer Platform Web User class offers comprehensive hands on training to orient users to GXP Xplorer product query, discovery, and retrieval of cataloged data, rounded out with the basics of web-based product creation using GXP WebView.

Students learn how to locate, retrieve and share data across a network using powerful search techniques; keep track of all available data by file type; view geo-tagged search results graphically on a map; export data to PowerPoint; and load data into desktop and web-based analytical tools for exploitation.

After completing the course, students will be familiar with the software interface and menus, and be comfortable navigating the application to search for, identify and retrieve, download, and exploit data.

While optional for Users, the GXP Xplorer for Site Administrators course precedes GXP Xplorer Web User training and is strongly recommended. Based on customer need, and at Instructor discretion, the Web User training course duration may be adjusted to accommodate more GXP Xplorer Administration configuration and admin topics.

GXP Xplorer Platform for Site Administrators [2 days]

Who should attend?

GXP Xplorer Platform system administrators


The one-day GXP Xplorer Platform for Site Administrators class focuses on how to install and configure the GXP Xplorer Platform server (application, essentials, optional capabilities; patches and upgrades), and the GXP License Manager. Topics include License Manager basics, user and group management, Catalog configuration and file discovery, managing shared global settings, Discretionary Access Control – DAC, Data Management, Synchronization, logging and auditing, metrics, and more.


Please note: Students who wish to attend the GXP Xplorer Platform for Site Administrators class must also complete the two-day GXP Xplorer Platform Web User course. Based on customer need, and at Instructor discretion, this course may be extended to two days to accommodate more GXP Xplorer Administration configuration and administration topics. Work with the Session Instructor on a tailored curriculum that meets your GXP Xplorer Platform administration needs.

Questions About Training?

Contact our training coordinators for assistance:

Madison Eyer (US)
703 563 7539

Note: SOCET SET® training courses are offered by request only. Please contact the training coordinator in your region for more information.