Movement Intelligence (MOVINT) solutions

Identify high-value targets, monitor high-value locations, and identify closely related individuals and infrastructure.

Mission-critical defense and security operations demand both timely and accurate intelligence to provide situational awareness and support strategic decision-making. Currently, the detection and tracking of key targets and activities (whether from video, radar, or other forms of sensor data) require analysts to painstakingly monitor, review, and interpret large volumes of data and imagery from multiple sensors. This manually intensive process compromises the effectiveness of intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) operations while diverting both time and funding from other key initiatives.

Addressing this challenge, GXP® offers a suite of multi-source video and analytic ISR solutions that enable automated processing of video and motion imagery while delivering real-time intelligence on movers (vehicles and people). These solutions are used by defenders worldwide to support critical missions such as:

  • Operations overwatch
  • Counter-terrorism
  • Force protection
  • High-Value Target (HVT) localization
  • Smuggling interdiction
  • Border security
  • Development and dissemination of intelligence

As a result of increased operator efficiencies enabled by these solutions, intelligence analysts can focus on exploring and interpreting threat activity and networks, and creating actionable intelligence reporting, instead of simply reviewing data and “connecting the dots.”