Advanced geospatial exploitation and customized product creation combined into one comprehensive solution

SOCET GXP® v4.5 features key enhancements in the areas of image analysis, photogrammetry, remote sensing, video exploitation, cartography, feature extraction, and 3-D visualization.

SOCET GXP is an advanced geospatial intelligence software solution that utilizes imagery from satellite and aerial sources to identify, analyze, and extract ground features, allowing for rapid product creation. Image analysis, advanced photogrammetric techniques, remote sensing, and feature collection workflows are seamlessly combined into one streamlined package.

Ingesting imagery and video from government and commercial sources, SOCET GXP accurately displays, annotates, catalogs, and extracts information. The information is used to build maps, develop transportation infrastructure, manage natural resources utilities and communications networks, coordinate operational missions, designate troop maneuvers, and build geospatial-intelligence reports.

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Key Capabilities

  • Image analysis and intelligence production
  • Precise mensuration
  • Rigorous sensor models
  • Remote sensing
  • LiDAR visualization and exploration
  • Terrain extraction and editing
  • Video exploitation
  • Streaming enabled client
  • Robust Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Multi-sensor triangulation and Orthorectification
Seamlessly integrated with the GXP Xplorer® Platform, SOCET GXP allows users to stream imagery in multiple formats directly into a Multiport™ for exploitation. Once analysis is completed, users can easily publish final products back to their GXP Xplorer catalog, allowing for subsequent discovery by the entire federated user base.

Built from the ground up.

In 2001, it was just an idea. Now, it’s a powerful, time-saving resource, with ease-of-use built in to every task, and most importantly — impeccable accuracy.

We didn’t just copy workflows from SOCET SET, our legacy photogrammetric and geospatial production software, or VITec®, the previous image exploitation and Electronic Light Table (ELT) package. We created a new system architecture with advanced technology drawn from internal BAE Systems research and development teams.

We combined the strengths of our successful geospatial production and image exploitation products to build a new Information Technology (IT) framework that addresses the search for higher productivity. SOCET GXP combines image analysis, geospatial production, photogrammetry tools, and remote sensing into one comprehensive package.

See SOCET GXP in Action!

Today, SOCET GXP is being used in critical operations ranging from homeland security, disaster relief, and humanitarian efforts, to defense missions conducted by various commands and tactical units.

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