Join us at the 2024 DALO Industry Days

21-22 August 2024
Ballerup Super Arena
Ballerup Idrætsby 4, 2750
Ballerup, Denmark

2024 DALO Industry Days

Please join BAE Systems Geospatial eXploitation Products (GXP®) at the 2024 DALO, 21–22 August, in Denmark. We are presenting at BAE Systems booth #1009.

GXP software enables rapid, accurate, and informed decision making across key military, public safety and security operations, as well as a variety of commercial development and research initiatives. As global events continue to drive time-dominant missions in an increasingly data-driven ISR environment, attendees will learn how GXP software solutions are addressing this evolution through:

  • Convergence of multi-source intelligence to identify complex data patterns and relationships
  • Innovative advancements in Imagery, Video, and Moving Target Indicator exploitation
  • Enhanced data analytics leveraging AI/ML to optimize work force productivity
  • Containerized solutions enabling optimized deployment anywhere, at any scale
  • Customized workflows to maximize mission efficiency and decision speed

Event Description

The Industry Days is the largest exhibition in Denmark of equipment, primarily from the defence industry. This year, we focus on international participation from strategic partners in Europe and overseas.

We expect more than 500 Danish and foreign exhibitors from the defence industry to participate and over 6,000 participants. The DALO Industry Days is a unique opportunity to facilitate dialogue between the defence industry, technical caseworkers and commanders from DALO, representatives from the Danish Defence and public authorities.

Moreover, both days offer a unique opportunity to meet government representatives from many European countries and their defence and procurement agencies. The event also presents the opportunity to network with other Danish and foreign companies with an interest in or affiliation with international defence agencies.

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