GXP Xplorer® Platform v2.5 System Requirements

GXP Xplorer Platform v2.5 System Requirements

Suggested hardware and OS requirements:

  • Windows® 10, Windows Server 2016, and Windows Server 2019
  • 32 GB RAM (or more)
  • 16 CPU cores (or more)

These suggestions are for a medium-scale server. Configuration needs may vary based on quantities of data files/data source connections and concurrent operations such as image streaming, uploads/downloads, data changes, and data processing services. Please contact us to discuss your specific configuration.

Disk space requirements for GXP Xplorer/GXP WebView server:

  • GXP Xplorer software disk space: 10 GB for installation and TEMP space
  • GXP Xplorer Catalog disk space: approximately 250 KB per file to be cataloged
  • GXP WebView image cache size: approximately 1/3 the on-disk size for zoom levels, plus 200MB per streamed file of temporary space, controllable by a configuration setting

Supported Web browsers:

  • Chrome™ v101 or later
  • Firefox™ v91 or later
  • Firefox v91.5.0 ESR or later

GXP Xplorer Platform Download

The GXP Xplorer Platform download includes the latest v2.4 release of GXP Xplorer, GXP WebView, and GXP InMotion Video Server.

Each application is individually licensed and configured during installation.

Customers with an active MyGXP Customer Portal account and current Upgrade Entitlement can log in to download or request a media shipment: