“For a building that’s six blocks long, it is extremely difficult to have one security evacuation plan that you can effectively articulate and communicate to everyone who is going to be involved”
– Kenneth Dixon, Director of Safety and Security

Hosting 3 million visitors annually, New York City’s Javits Convention Center stretches across six city blocks and features over 840,000 square feet of exhibition space. Featuring a wide variety of events including the New York International Auto Show, the National Retail Federation’s annual convention, and New York Comic Con, the Javits Center may accommodate up to 70,000 attendees in a single day.

“We’ve been struggling over the last year and a half to replace outdated emergency evacuation plans, because we do 175 events every year—and every single one of them is different”
– Kenneth Dixon

As part of a $463 million renovation over the last several years, the Javits Center has also upgraded its security system with several changes to staffing, procedures, and technologies. In addition to significant technological enhancements to the command center, security camera coverage, and video analytics, Javits Center has been working with BAE Systems’ Geospatial eXploitation Products™ (GXP®) group to optimize emergency planning and response through real-time mobile location sharing and innovative Collaborative Response Graphics supplemented by additional geospatial data.

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