3-D Stereo Pair

Display overlapping images in 3-D using appropriate stereo equipment (video card, glasses, etc.). Display stereo pair in split screen. Uses include: Circular Error (CE) and Linear Error (LE) from a SOCET SET® Digital Point Positioning Data Base (DPPDB) format production module [which uses MIL-PRF-89034, March 1999 format specifications], 3-D feature extraction, interactive terrain edit, and interactive point measurement in triangulation.

Module information: Stereo

Product compatibility: SOCET GXP® and SOCET SET®
Licensing requirements: SOCET GXP GeoElement, SOCET SET Core
Included with: SOCET GXP GeoAnalysis and eXtreme Analysis
Part number: SOCET GXP (1005), SOCET SET (501-L)

Export restrictions may apply.