AutoSOCET offers photogrammetric functionality with minimal interaction. SOCET GXP® and AutoSOCET provide functionality for triangulating images and generating orthomosaics and digital terrain elevation data (DTED) from overlapping images.

All of these types of AutoSOCET jobs can be started immediately or scheduled for later execution. In either case, users can work in other areas of SOCET GXP while an AutoSOCET job is running. Results generated from AutoSOCET jobs can be automatically loaded into SOCET GXP if needed immediately (not scheduled).

AutoSOCET can also be launched through the Visual Coverage Tool (VCT) application.

Module Information: AutoSOCET

Product compatibility: SOCET GXP
Licensing requirements: GeoElement™ or GeoAnalysis™
Included with: eXtreme Analysis™
Part number: 907-L/1006