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Privacy Policy for the GXP OnScene® Mobile App

This Privacy Policy outlines the types of personal information (meaning any information that identifies, relates to, describes, is capable of being associated with, or could reasonably be linked, directly or indirectly, with a particular user) that is collected and recorded by GXP OnScene® Mobile App and how we use it.

BAE Systems does not collect, handle, use, process, record, transfer, share, copy, and/or retain any user personal or sensitive information. Therefore, BAE Systems maintains a zero data retention policy for this Mobile App and no deletion of your personal information is required. This policy is a commitment to protect your personal information. All data is encrypted “in-transit” between mobile device and the GXP OpsView® server to ensure that no third-party can intercept and view the data. Once on the server, only authorized, vetted users on that system have access to this data, i.e. members of your organization and our support staff as requested. Access can be revoked immediately should the need arise. By using GXP OnScene Mobile App, you acknowledge that you consent to this Privacy Policy. Any changes to our Privacy Policy will be made on this page.

Who We Are

GXP OnScene is a mobile application developed by BAE Systems Information and Electronic Systems Integration Inc. (BAE Systems), 65 SPIT BROOK RD, NASHUA, NH 03061-0868. Tel 800 316 9643.

GXP OnScene Mobile App may collect the following types of information:

1. Location Data:

Although the GXP OnScene Mobile App leverages geo-location data from your mobile devise, BAE Systems does not collect, receive handle, use, share or transmit any location data. BAE Systems does not own, control, or maintain responsibility for how or with whom you choose to share your location.

However, the Mobile App optionally collects captures and uses your geo-location data from your phone or other compatible device, if you consent by permitting Mobile App access as part of the core functionality. If enabled, the Mobile App periodically sends your geo-location data to a designated GXP OpsView server for your selected organizational use. You may choose to disable access of your location by the Mobile App at any time. Location data provided by the Mobile App is for basic navigational purposes only and is not intended to be relied upon in situations where precise location information is needed or where erroneous, inaccurate, or incomplete location data may lead to death, personal injury, property or environmental damage. Further, this Mobile App may be configured to share your geo-location with your peers who are utilizing the Mobile App concurrently who are assigned the same sub-group or incident within the GXP OpsView server. Users outside the specified user group or sever do not have access to any location data.

The Mobile App does not store, use, or share location data history.

2. User Name and Password Data:

BAE Systems does not collect, manage, or store your User Name or Password. Passwords may be optionally stored on the Mobile App using the Android Keystore system. They are only stored encrypted by RSA-4096.

BAE Systems does not have the means to verify the identities of people using GXP OnScene passwords and by using the Mobile App you agree that we will not be liable where your password or username is used by someone else.

The User Name you select is shared with the GXP OpsView server for your selected organizational use. This user name may be visible to other users from your organization when they are logged into the Mobile App. The password is not shared with any other organization, including the GXP OpsView server for your selected organizational use.

3. Usage Data:

BAE Systems does collect information on how many users is logged into the GXP OpsView server concurrently and at what frequency the GXP OnScene Mobile App is sending data to your organization’s server. However, BAE Systems does not collect, receive, handle, use, share or transmit any personal information for any of the users.

This usage data may be shared with the GXP OpsView server for your selected organizational use.

To improve your Mobile App experience:

If you experience a technical issue and chose to submit a request for help while logged into the Mobile App, BAE Systems will receive the following information: email address, type of phone and operating system, Mobile App version, indication if a user is using Wifi or cellular data, location update rate, and if a user has selected maps and footprint options. Submitting a help request does not provide BAE Systems access to your location data. BAE Systems may use the entered email address to respond to your request, but will not otherwise use or retain this personal information.

Changes to this policy may occur at anytime.

All such changes will take effect once they have been posted on the Website. Therefore, we recommend you review this policy from time to time.

SAFETY Act Designated

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