Spatially enabled exploitation

SOCET GXP® (v2.3+), offers direct connectivity to the Esri® geodatabase via the ArcGIS® engine and allows sophisticated attribution of intelligence data.

This proven capability exists in SOCET SET® and has been adopted by NGA and its GGI contractors. The capability to store, and to retrieve for update or future analysis, graphics and features with their ground coordinates and attributes in a geodatabase is known as spatially enabled exploitation, or SEE, and creates benefits across the geospatial analysis and image analysis, and mapping communities.

SOCET GXP (v2.3+) offers this capability to analysts, fully integrated with its existing easy-to-use functionality, and introduces ground space graphics capabilities that are accurate and easy to use. The ground space graphics capability built-in to SOCET GXP uses precise image coordinates to align graphics to their corresponding geographic locations. Therefore, images and graphics are always aligned properly on sequential images captured over time—regardless of sensor or software.

Module information: Spatially-enabled exploitation (SEE)

Product compatibility: SOCET GXP
Licensing requirements: GeoElement™ or GeoAnalysis™
Recommended: GeoAnalysis™
Included with: eXtreme Analysis™
Part number: 962-L/1011