Developer’s ToolKit (DevKit)

The SOCET GXP® Developer's ToolKit (DevKit) provides access to the Application Program Interface (API) which allows developers to create applications that can interact with and extend the functionality of SOCET GXP.
The DevKit contains C++ libraries for Windows that allow users to load and open images, create graphics, implement new functionality, and more. The DevKit also allows users to expand SOCET GXP® capabilities for custom sensor models, load custom image types that SOCET GXP does not handle natively, and convert unknown imagery and terrain files into known SOCET GXP formats. Users can customize the Ribbon interface by creating new tabs and buttons so their algorithms may be seamlessly presented to other SOCET GXP users. The DevKit also contains an event handler, which allows programmers to customize buttons and mouse clicks. A smaller subset of DevKit functionality is also available as Javascript.  A full set of documentation and examples with source code is provided.