SOCET GXP Developer’s ToolKit (DevKit)

The SOCET GXP® Developer's ToolKit (DevKit) provides access to the Application Programming Interface (API) which allows developers to create applications that can interact with and extend the functionality of the SOCET GXP software solution.

The DevKit contains C++, Python, and JavaScript® libraries that allow applications developed by third-parties to interact with the SOCET GXP software application through actions such as loading images, creating graphics, adding in image processing algorithms, and more. Developers are able to retrieve information about loaded images, drawn features, Multiport™ states, and a wide variety of additional items inside of the SOCET GXP solution. An event handler is included in the DevKit which allows third-party programs to respond to user instantiated actions such as loading a new image, or creating a new graphic.

The DevKit also allows users to create their own custom sensor models using the Community Sensor Model (CSM) standard as well as load image and terrain formats that SOCET GXP does not handle natively. Example projects and documentation are included.

The SOCET GXP user interface can be customized using RibbonX to add new tabs and buttons so a developer’s application can be seamlessly presented to other SOCET GXP users. Buttons can be added programmatically through the API or through the use of XML files. Developers have access to a wide variety of controls including push buttons, toggle buttons, sliders, combo boxes, and more.

* The JavaScript API contains only a small subset of functionality compared to the C++ and Python APIs.