Interactive Terrain Editor (ITE)

The Interactive Terrain Editor (ITE) software viewing and colorizing crater-filled terrain

Visualize, build, and correct elevation models

The Interactive Terrain Editor (ITE) software is used to review and edit digital terrain and surface models. In GRID format, operators can access an unsurpassed set of tools and graphical displays to visualize, build, and correct elevation models, and interact with the selected algorithm.

ITE Editor tools

Tools include: Post Editor, Area Editor, Geomorphic Editor, and Block Status, for complete point-by-point, geomorphic line, and area editing in mono and stereo modes. In addition, a range of bare-earth ITE tools are provided for removal of trees and buildings. Adaptive tools for Triangulated Irregular Network (TIN) and grid data storage formats are also included.

Bare-earth tools in ITE

  • Bare-earth Morphology (T/G)
  • Bare-earth Morphology Lay On Ground (T/G)
  • Bare-earth Profile (T/G)
  • Bare-earth Profile Lay On Ground (T/G)
  • Bare-earth Profile Invisible (G)
  • Bare-earth Histogram Spikes (T/G)
  • Bare-earth Histogram Wells (T/G)
  • Bare-earth Morphology Histogram (T/G)
  • Bare-earth Blunder Morphology Histogram (T/G)
  • Bare-earth Dense Tree Canopy Lay On Ground (T/G)
  • Bare-earth Dense Tree Canopy Close to Ground (T/G)
  • Bare-earth Dense Tree Canopy (T/G)
  • Bare-earth Vegetation (T/G)
  • Bias with Feather (T/G)
  • Remove Redundant Points (T)


All ITE tools are applicable to LiDAR point clouds or photogrametrically derived digital surface models.

Module information: Interactive Terrain Editor (ITE)

Product compatibility: SOCET GXP® and SOCET SET®
Licensing requirements: SOCET GXP GeoElement™, SOCET SET Core and Stereo
Recommended: Stereo is highly recommended for SOCET GXP, and prerequisite for SOCET SET.
Included with: SOCET GXP GeoAnalysis™ and eXtreme Analysis™
Part number: SOCET GXP (1009), SOCET SET (505-L)

Stereo module recommended. Export restrictions may apply.