SOCET GXP® System Requirements

Systems Requirements

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows® 8, 8.1 or 10; 64-bit
  • Network: 1 Gigabit (1 Gbps) or better recommended, minimum 10 Megabit (10 Mbps)
  • System Disk/Installation Location: 14 GB of free disk space for software – recommend SSD for best performance
  • Data Disk: Recommend 1-2 TB disk space for data – 7200 RPM or faster disks
  • RAM: Minimum 8GB RAM; 16GB or more recommended
  • CPU: Minimum 4 core CPU; recommended 8 core or better and minimum 2.0 GHz speed

Hardware Requirements/Supported Video Cards

The recommended currently available graphics card is Quadro P4000 or better. Lower level Quadro cards are available, but they do not offer a stereo display sync option. The lowest level Quadro card we have tested with is the Quadro K620.

For terrain extraction using ASM a P6000 is recommended.

Confirm the latest video card drivers and/or patches from the video card manufacturer are being used.

GXP License Manager

The GXP License Manager requires an upgrade to version 8.4. For installation instructions, refer to the GXP License Manager Documentation.

Job Service

Ensure the Job Service functionality is configured for optimal performance according to the procedures in the Job Service Settings section of the SOCET GXP User’s Manual.

Esri® Geodatabase

Supported versions: Esri 9.3-10.6.1

SketchUp Group

Supported version: SketchUp Pro 2017 64-bit and later

Google Earth

Google Earth version 4.3 or later is required to enable the tools allowing users to export imagery and annotations into Google Earth from

Windows Media Player

Windows N or Windows KN require the Windows Media Feature Pack for Windows 8, 8.1, or 10.